Das Awareness Medical-Team vor Ort wird für mehr Achtsamkeit sorgen und einen Safe Space für alle schaffen! Du fühlst Dich unwohl oder möchtest einfach mit jemandem im Vertrauen sprechen? Sprecht das Awareness Medical-Team, das Personal oder die Securities jederzeit an oder schreibt eine Nachricht an 0170 – 291 1072 oder an unsere Social Media-Kanäle.

Ihr findet das Awareness Medical-Team in der Passage, neben den Lockern.

Wir sind in allen Belangen für Euch jederzeit da!

You can enter the data from the Cashless wristband in the EVENTPORTAL and have the remaining balance paid out free of charge between 03.05.2024 from 00:00 to 19.05.2024 until 23:59.

Can befound in the PLAZA (passage hall between ARENA and FACTORY).

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MAYDAY is cashless. Merchandise, locker and checkroom are also cashless. ATMs are available in the Westfalenhalle in the circulation area of the arena. All further information can be found here. Top up your credit in advance free of charge in the EVENTPORTAL

MAYDAY goes cashless!

Faster and easier.

With MAYDAY, you will receive a wristband with an RFID chip, with which you can pay cashless everywhere.

Top up credit in advance (pre-topup) and benefit from the many benefits:

No queues at TopUp stations
Repayment of remaining credit is possible after the event
An overview of your spending at any time
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