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30 metres high and almost as big as a football pitch. Surrounded by tiers of seats like a Roman amphitheatre. But the technology employed is anything but ancient: mobile trussed structures, state-of-the-art LED elements, hundreds of moving heads and the latest lasers. The sound system - you can't get any better! Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten, Lexy & K-Paul, Moonbootica and Hooligan will be at the decks. Groovy tech house followed by techno, atmospheric trance and soul-stirring classics. Limits? - None! Freedom instead of monotony for 14 hours. Sven Väth the quintessence of old school with truckloads of vinyls. Neelix digital with laptop and controller. Whether the systems, the sound, the gear or the dance style - everyone here is individual and that's why they fit in so perfectly. Stay different!


Give me some space for techno! Hall 3 now belongs to the machine music purists and no-one else. No holds barred for the sound - and Chris Liebing's array of hardware: drum machines, controllers, sequencers. The tracks are arranged, mixed and modified live. Only the best can keep pace: FazeMag annual poll "Best Producer": Adam Beyer; "Shooting Star 2017": Charlotte de Witte; "Best DJ": Klaudia Gawlas and Pappenheimer at second and third place. No time for time out. Perhaps for a moment - so sit down and put your feet up for five minutes. Then bass. Strobe. Go!


Yes! The Factory is back in its own hall. No muddled sound. No overlapping. From now on anarchy and chaos only on the dance floor. Total feel-good atmosphere for Angerfist: "As long as it's about chaos, it's ok with me." The Rotterdam Terror Corps couldn't agree more and dish out a porno show complete with fire-breathers. The Air Max are laced up? Go hardstyle or go home! With Zatox, Warface and Ran-D, who with "Zombie" had one of the greatest hits of 2017. The cover of the Cranberries' classic has notched up over seven million clicks on YouTube. You know the film "New Kids" - Jungeee? Then you'll also know Paul Elstak's hit "Luv You More". Tens of thousands of Feyenoord Rotterdam fans sing this song in the stadium. Let's sing it together in the Factory.