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Westfalenhallen, Dortmund


In 2022 we came together for the unforgettable 30 years jubilee celebration of MAYDAY, marking a momentous return after two years of pandemic-induced silence.

As we now look ahead to 2024, the momentum of sound, visuals and connection promises to captivate us once again. The beating heart of MAYDAY, centered on techno and harder styles, will resonate through three impressive stages.

MAYDAY continues to be a beacon of progress, innovation and change. Forward ever, backward never. The stage is set for the best of techno, featuring both fresh talents and seasoned icons – a perfect match that bridges the roots of electronic music with new and innovative styles.

MAYDAY introduces a heightened experience with techno taking center stage in the Arena and the Empire. Picture it: rich bass, crystal-clear sound, and a relentless techno beat. And for those who crave an even harder edge, the Factory delivers acts pushing the boundaries with 160, 180 and 200 BPM. Too fast? Not in the world of MAYDAY – it's a mantra of "Go hard or go home."


With its core values of joy, openness and tolerance, MAYDAY remains not just a rave but a community. It's a space to momentarily escape the everyday and bask in carefree moments – something more crucial today than ever before. MAYDAY is a declaration that it's time to rediscover and experience those exhilarating moments that define the essence of rave culture.

MAYDAY stands as a testament to 33 years of techno legacy, showcasing that the beat of unity, respect, and acceptance is what truly keeps us connected. Let the momentum happen – MAYDAY is not just an event: It is a celebration of life, love, and the enduring force of electronic music.

Aftermovie 2023

Save the Date
Di. 30. April 2024
20 Uhr
Westfalenhallen Dortmund