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MAYDAY - True Rave.
30.04.2017 • 19 - 09 Uhr
Westfalenhallen Dortmund • Germany

True Rave.

“This one is dedicated to all the ravers in the nation.” (Dune “Hardcore Vibes”, 1995)

Rave is adventure. 400km to get there? Doesn’t matter – the party starts on the coach to Dortmund anyway. Rave is: pink hair, neon shirt and fur legwarmers. Whatever takes your fancy. And nobody gives you a weird look. Rave is love! A sweet smile from her. A tender kiss in the fog. Free and wild. Rave is: still dancing in the Arena to “Hardcore Vibes” at eight o’clock in the morning and having a blast of a time. Your voice gravelly, “MAYDAY, MAYDAY”. Enjoying the last drink with new friends. And rave is yearning, it is a burning desire: if only the world could just be like this one night.

MAYDAY is Rave. True Rave.

New this year: the classic acts are moving into the Arena – welcome back! The reason is the major revamp work going on in the Westfalenhallen so Twenty Dome and Mixery-Casino have to give way. The big plus is that it will bring the rave family even closer together but then unity has always been the guiding principle of the movement in any case. True techno in the Empire: Chris Liebing, Len Faki and Felix Kröcher will be welcoming MAYDAY newcomer Enrico Sangiuliano. The Italian is the breakthrough artist of last year. Unchanged (brute) is the Factory. The harder styles will be joining forces to create the hardest floor at MAYDAY.

Since 1991 “rave” has stood for what electronic music is all about: openness, tolerance, the joy of life and the love of music. Techno, trance, electro, hardcore and hardstyle, the music as varied as the ravers – and that’s you!

Dancing, celebrating, being happy. And the sense of togetherness! That’s True Rave!

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