MAYDAY - never stop raving
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Thomas Gerdon (light & show design) & Matt Finke (content design): More than just “a job”

Each light is crucial, and each pulse hits, each flash changes, each pixel moves… you! Sight is the sense we trust the most. A lamp or a pixel alone doesn’t generate a feeling. Lighting and video systems are merely tools – tools which are there for you to touch and to use and to create something with them. Tonal images are the result. So what are we actually doing there? Well, basically we’re drawing images with light and pixels. Images which are created right at that very moment when the sound hits our ears. Live, pure and intuitive. That’s what our job is about. We play a silent instrument – and what an instrument: an entire arena is the orchestra! And when 30,000 hands go up in the air and we can shape and define this moment together with the DJ and with our “silent instruments”, well, that’s simply – awesome!


Empire of machine music

There have been many empires in the history of humankind. None of them survived. Decadence was their downfall. The MAYDAY EMPIRE is different. Always puristic, it remains true to its roots: techno. 100% machine music. And it is the ascetic among the electronic music styles. Vocals and melodies – only if there have to be. A clear thumbs down from Väth, Kanzler and Cox for any musical frills. You don’t need much either to enjoy techno how it is meant to be: “Bass!!!,” cries out Alexander Müller on Facebook. Patrick Hinze adds: “stacks of strobe!” You’ll get it – and tons more too! Your head will do the rest as it switches to autopilot at 140BPM and transforms you into imperial techno troopers. The ultimate ejector seat to rocket you out of reality. Welcome to the real Sonic Empire!


“If the FACTORY were an animal…”

…it would be a “party lion”, according to Niklas Golitschek on Facebook. For Marc Oldenburg the FACTORY is quite simply “the wickedest beast” there is. Like “an octopus with 1,000 tentacles” is how Sascha Wilhelm sees the captivating character of the FACTORY, while Kai Ortwein’s image of it is an “angry bull with horns”. Björn Seum describes it using particularly powerful imagery: “An alarming, snarling cross between a pit bull and a Doberman. Can run faster than you and barks pretty loud; doesn’t bite, though. Species: gabber house beast with incredible stamina.” The ideas of the Mayday Facebook fans are so varied, yet they all basically express the same thing: animal ardour for the FACTORY!


Gambling through the night

Logo MixeryThis game can get you addicted! The Mixery-Casino is where the laid-back interpretation of electronic music plays with your senses. The odds of winning are minimal?! No way: minimal is only one of the many styles which Moonbootica or Dominik Eulberg tantalizingly let trip into your auditory canals. To collect your winnings the only thing you need to do is stake some enthusiasm – and then the prize is the joys of dancing. And it’s tax-free – you can keep it! But don’t go all out too early because a night in the Mixery-Casino is serious stuff. And pretty long. Or as Lukas WulliWoodpecker puts it: “Woooooohoooo Mixery-Casino all night long!”


Forward into the past

Just another two years and then Marty McFly will land in the year 2015. We still may not be able to whizz through the Westfalenhalle on hoverboards yet, but what we can do is look back on 22 years of Mayday history. You like reminiscing on Facebook as well. Heiko Heynert: “Since ’94 a feeling like being at home.” Sven Schadt has been going to the event for a long time, too: “My first one was in ’94. My heart always burst with joy the 14 MAYDAYs after that!”. With so much emotional energy, we don’t need 1.21 gigawatts to bring to life the early years of Mayday. Mike Dearborn or Hardy Hard will simply turn back the records and clocks. Backspin to the 90s! Proper old school with white gloves, pointed cap, neon fur rucksack and the brain machine – hey, Celebration Generation: it’s Your Floor!

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